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To all our friends,

Once again, we are connecting with you, this time, at the midst of a very productive summer of activities. Now that a full year has passed since the Second Lebanese War, we can witness the fruits of our intensive recovery work and welcome the tens of thousands of tourist that flocked Tiberias. Tourism is a major factor in our life, but as you will see from this issue, we continue to work and develop all aspects of our lives in the city. I hope you enjoy the reading and keep staying in touch with us in the future.


Zohar Oved,


Dear Friends,

This is our 4th Newsletter. We were glad to receive your wonderful responses to our previous issue, and we are accordingly making the changes you suggested to improve it. The Foreign Affairs committee is working hard broadening and adding new projects for public benefit. We are sharing with you part of the multiple activities that took place in Tiberias during the past two months.
A group of members of our Foreign Affairs committee, together with Mayor Zohar Oved and my self came back from France after signing a Twin-City agreement with Saint Raphael, in France. We visited a Technological Center in Montpellier and from there to Paris to begin an international technological “start up” project in Tiberias.
Next October we’ll be sending a commission to China to sign the Twin-City agreement between Tiberias and Wuxi.
It is the intention of the Foreign Affairs committee of Tiberias, to strengthen and broaden our ties with friends and supporters across the world in order to build friendly bonds based on trust, security, honesty and democracy as a way to achieve personal and public peace and prosperity in all aspects, based in our being a democratic state based on ethics and moral.
I strongly believe that the collaboration and exchanges with Twin-Cities achieving economic and cultural improvements as equal partners will help to strengthen our friendly relationship with the world.
Once again we invite you to come and visit our beautiful and interesting city. We will be pleased to assist you with any comment, request or opinion.
My best regards,
Eitan Oved,
Councilman, Chairperson of Foreign Affairs Committee


Events and celebrations:
- To Our soldiers with love
- 47th “Rotary Israel” Congress in Tiberias

Culture, Arts and Music:
-Tiberias children at a concert commemorating 40 years to Jerusalem’s unification
-Events at the “Month of the Hebrew Book” in Tiberias
-First Literary Festival of Writers in Spanish
-Concert of the Music School at the end of the Academic year

- Students campus will be built at the Absorption Center site
- English teaching program in Tiberias kindergartens
- Annual scholarships granted to Tiberian citizens
- Secondary school “Ort Tiberias” wins 1st prize at the national science contest

- Southern Lebanese students in Tiberias communicating with relatives in Lebanon
- Convention of newly released soldiers
- End of year award ceremony for the at-risk youth of “Hostel Tiberia"

Foreign Affairs:
- Cooperation activities: Ort school in Tiberias and Branderburg schools in Germany
- From Tarbut Tora in California to Tiberias
- Council delegates headed by Tiberias Mayor, to France
- 1st youth exchange delegation between Passau (Germany) and Tiberias
- Shared tour between Ort middle school (Tiberias) and Contra Costa in Lafayette (California) school students.

- Magic on the Sea of Galilee
- New Hotel Complex at the northern coast of Tiberias to be built

Sport News:
- 24th Golani Running Competition “visits” Tiberias
- Rowing Club wins at “Kinereth Cup” competition
- 1st Basketball Championship for Elementary Schools in Tiberias
- Achievements for Tiberian kayaks rowers

Events and Celebrations

To Our soldiers with love

On May 21, the Organization for the soldiers in Tiberias and Lower Galilee organized an impressive evening for the soldiers serving in the North. All the proceeds were collected to be used for the improvement of service facilities of the soldiers serving. It was a special and varied artistic program, with the presence of well known Israeli singers.

47th “Rotary Israel” Congress in Tiberias

The Rotary Israel Organization, jointly with the Events Department of Tiberias organized its 47th annual Congress. The assembly marked its support for Tiberias after last year's 2nd Lebanon War. It dealt with the premise “business are good for the community and the community is good for business”. Dr Ran Lyn, Rector of Rotary Israel, Eran Fogel President of Rotary Israel and other members of the organization were present at the event.

Culture, Arts and Music:

Tiberias children at a concert commemorating 40 years to Jerusalem’s unification

On May 27th, Tiberian children performed a unique Concert at the cultural center “Yad Shitrit”, to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the unification of the capital city Jerusalem. The event was organized by the Education Office of Tiberias jointly with “Keren Karev”. The repertoire consisted of musical performances dedicated to Jerusalem.

Events at the “Month of the Hebrew Book” in Tiberias

The Month of the Hebrew book was celebrated in June in Tiberias with several interesting events. These events take place annually all over the country to mark the strong bond of the Jewish people with written culture, by giving the public an opportunity to get closer to the varied literary production in Hebrew and foreign languages. Each day during the month there was a Book fair at Yad Shitrit, the main municipal cultural center, as well as meetings with local writers, reading sessions for children and theatre representations of books.

First Literary Festival of Literature in Spanish

On June 25th, as part of the “Month of the Book”, took place the “First Festival of Literature in Spanish”, organized by Mrs Ruth Segal, President of the Union of Spanish speaking Writers in Tiberias and volunteer at the Foreign Affairs office. Aproximately 100 Spanish speakers arrived from all over the country and had the chance to meet Israeli writers that write in the Spanish language and presented their books. Five anthologies, published in 2007 were also presented. Within the activities of the festival there was a Spanish book market, where authors signed their books. This first festival will hopefully became an annual tradition in Tiberias.

Concert of the Music School for the end of the academic year

On July 2nd, at the Conservatorium Amphitheatre “Wendy Craftman” was celebrated the end of the annual course of the Municipal Conservatorium, with the support of Wizo Tiberias. A festive concert performed, which included the best performances of the children`s band, young and adult choirs, instrumental band, the Big–Band Group and the official band. Hundreds participated and enjoyed the event.


Student campus will be built at the former Absorption Center site

The site of the Absorption Center which was recently shut down will be renovated for the purpose of becoming dormitories for students of the Academic Regional College " Kinneret " in the Jordan Valley. The purpose of this initiative is attracting the student population to Tiberias by offering reasonably priced convenient accommodations. The new site is located downtown and in the proximity to the necessary everyday facilities such as : Supermarkets, lines of transportation and comfortable accessibility to the commercial centers. The municipality will offer to the students living in the residences: job opportunities, volunteering opportunities, scholarships and grant options and more.

English teaching program in Tiberias kindergartens

The Municipal Department of Education has begun operating a new and unique program teaching the English language at the kindergarten level. The program began in February 2007 and has operated as a pilot program in 15 facilities across town. Due to its great success the program will expand to include 30 kindergartens throughout the city. On Sunday, May 17th was the certificate of completion award ceremony. Children and parents of the 15 kindergartens gathered for an impressive show of the results of the course, singing in English accompanied by dance, movement and music. The children received final course certificates.

Annual scholarships granted to Tiberian citizens

The annual scholarship award ceremony took place on June 17th. Students were granted scholarships by the Education, Culture, Sports and veteran soldiers Departments for 2006/7 academic year. 166 students living in the city received a total of 133,000 NIS. The event was sponsored by the Sepharadic Federation and the Aboulafia Foundation. In addition, 131 scholarships (total of 590,000 NIS) were granted to veteran soldiers by the Gross Foundation. This scholarship is granted for the course of 2 years to soldiers that have finished their service in the last 5 years.

Secondary school “Ort Tiberias” wins 1st prize at national science contest "Smart by the Square".

The "Smart by the Square" program in schools is aimed at improving an intelligent and responsible consumer. This is the 5th year the project is running across the country aiming at teaching youth of the values of educated consumerism, quality of the environment, as well as a healthy lifestyle, health food, keeping its quality and service. Each year the program concludes nationally with a contest between schools sponsored by the Education Ministry. This year the Tiberias`s school “Ort Tiberias” won 1st place. The event was celebrated at Bat Yam, with the presence of Ms. Yuli Tamir, the Israeli Minister of Education. Pupils presented their works. The winners received certificates and prizes.


Southern Lebanese students in Tiberias communicating with relatives in Lebanon:

The month of May marked the initiation of the special Internet Communication Corner at the Ayelet Hashahar middle school for the benefit of the 40 Lebanese students of the school. These students are the children of the Southern Lebanese Soldiers who fled from Lebanon during the Israeli withdrawl in 2001 and settled in Tiberias. This enables them to keep in touch with their families in Lebanon, through Internet.

Convention for newly released soldiers

On June 21st, a Convention for newly discharged soldiers was held at the culture center “Yad Shitrit”, with the presence of aproximately 700 veteran soldiers. It included a studies and work fair with the participation of regional employers and colleges as well as workshops dealing with adjusting to civilian life. The evening was concluded with a comedy act.

End of year award ceremony for the at-risk youth of “Hostel Tiberia"

The end-of-year award ceremony was held July 10th at the Culture Center “Yad Shitrit”. The certificates of appreciation were awarded to the Youth residents of “Hostel Tiberia". These at-risk teenagers (ages 14-18) are undergoing a unique rehabilitative program whereby they participate in the community as volunteers. The ceremony aimed at thanking the young for their unique active volunteer work for the local community. During the event, they performed and shared their experiences on their way to recovery.

Foreign Affairs:

Cooperation activities: Ort school in Tiberias and Branderburg schools in Germany

The past academic year marked the developing collaborative effort between High School “Ort” Tiberias and 2 schools: Spreewald - Schule Luebben and Gymnasium Beeskow, State of Brandenburg, Germany. During this year, the English teachers organized a shared learning program, keeping a close communication through Internet and video-conferences. Students exchanged e-mails on the Holocaust theme, exchanged stories written by them. In October 2007 a delegation (teachers and students) from Tiberias is planned to visit Germany.

From California to Tiberias

A group of students from the Jewish school “Tarbut Tora”, from Ervine, California arrived in June 2007 for 20 days as volunteeris in Tiberias. This is part of a joint project of Foreign Affairs and the “Oranim” company. The volunteers decided to adopt the Elementary school “Reut” that was damaged by a missile during the war, last year. With the Principal`s help, they organized a renovation campaign, gardening and painting of the school building. The volunteers worked under severe hot conditions (40C) and yet there were no complaints.

Council delegates headed by Tiberias Mayor, to France

On June 19th, a delegation headed by the city Mayor left to France. Eitan Oved, councilman and head of the Foreign Affairs Committee and other local representatives accompanied the Mayor. During the 10 day visit, the delegates visited the city of St. Raphael, in the French Riviera where the Mayors signed the twin city agreement. They then went on and visited the city of Montpellier (another twin city) where they participated in the “Jerusalem Day” celebrations and they also met the mayor of Montpellier, Mrs Helen Mondrue, and visited the Montpellier technological Centre. Many discussions were held during the visit in order to promote the initiative to establish a High-Tech Start- Up Incubator in Tiberias with the collaboration of Mr Gerard Pomper from UFI. From there, the delegation parted to Paris and Enghien Les Bains (where many new ties were made). They met members of the French Senate and Congress and other leading political figures.

1st young exchange delegation between Passau (Germany) and Tiberias

On June 24th a College student delegation from Tiberias, lead by Dror Lalush, Deputy Mayor and Itzik Portal, Director of the Youth Department visited Passau, Germany for a social interchange with a group from this city. The group visited Passau, Bavaria, Munchen, Zalsburg in Austria and at the Mauthausen concentration camp, where a very moving ceremony took place. The Tiberian group returned together with the German group and spent a week visiting Tiberias, including a military base at the Golan, holy christian sites, the Dead Sea, Jerusalem and other places in Israel. This is a new annual project financed by the youth exchange council and the German ConAct organization. Due to the success this year, plans are being made to expand these exchanges in other areas between Passau and Tiberias.

Shared tour between Ort (Tiberias) middle school and Contra Costa in Lafayette (California) school students

On June 29th, students and 2 teachers from the Jewish school Contra Costa from Lafayette, California visited Ort middle school (Tiberias). The visitors, accompanied by a chosen group of school students and the English teacher from Tiberias went on a joint trip to Beit Shean Valley and the Kangaroo Park, bathed at the Sahne Falls and in the evening the American students were hosted for an overnight stay at the Israeli students' homes. The following day all went together to Ort middle school and celebrated the end of the school year.


Magic on the Sea of Galilee

The Tourism department in Tiberias offers varied experiential tours this Summer covering the numerous ancient sites. Tours such as: “The marvels of Ancient Tiberias”, “Following tastes and scents”, “From the old settlement to the modern one – from Tiberias to the Kinereth”, “Tiberias in the moon light” and more. In addition, a new cellular guiding system has been installed, offering information for the individual traveler at 10 major locations around town through cellular/mobile phone communication.

New Hotel complex at the northern coast of Tiberias to be built

After 25 years during which no new hotels were built in Tiberias, a new Hotel complex with an extent of 46.4 dunam (unit for measuring land area, about 1/4 acre) at the northern coast of Tiberias was authorized on July 2007. The entrepreneur will build a 650 rooms' hotel, half of the rooms will be vacation apartments and the rest 5 stars will be hotel rooms. The land bordering on the lake will be developed into a 400 meter promenade, that will be a continuation to the northern promenade and will link the new complex with Tiberia`s downtown.

Sport News:

The 24th Golani Run “visits” Tiberias

On June 3rd, 2007, the 24th annual running competition of the Golani Military Infantry Division hosted in Tiberias, celebrating 65 years of the “Association for Soldiers Welfare” and 40 years of the “6 days War”. In this competition, running torch emissaries cross the country, from Metula in the North, to Eilat in the South. It aims at motivating the youth to join the combat units in the military and deepening the relations between the military and the community. High Scool students and soldiers ran together through Hagalil Street, downtown to the Archeological Park.

Rowing Club wins at “Kinereth Cup” competition

The Weekend activities of “Kinereth Cup” took place on 8th and 9th of June at the Promenade by the lake. This annual event commemorates the helicopters collision tragedy of 1997were the Club graduate and Israeli rowing champion, Navigator/Pilot Major Ronen Halfon and all 72 soldiers on board perished. The competition opening ceremony was honored by the presence of Mr Itzak Aharonovich, the Minister of Tourism. Especially worth noting is the eighth race following the English style competition between Cambridge and Oxford universities. Tiberias Club rowers won most of the medals with excellent time results.

1st Basketball Championship for Elementary Schools in Tiberias

As a new initiative, on the 11th of June, Elementary school Mini basket-ball finals took place. The “Keinar” School team played against “Reut” school team. Keinar won the game and was crowned as Champion of the Tiberias Schools. Many children and parents enjoyed the event.

Achievements for Tiberian kayak rowers

Rowers from the Marine Education Center won several medals at several competitions held in recent weeks, the Israel Championship of Olympic Kayaks on the 8th/9th of June in the Sea of Galilee and the Israel Cup on 12th/13th of July in the Yarkon River, Tel Aviv. Rowers from Rowing Clubs all over the country participated. The Tiberias rowers collected first places medals and impressive achievements.
On 3rd of August the rowers Aviv Eliyahu and Sapir Fahima, members of the Israeli youth team, will represent Tiberias, in the kayaks competition at Moscow.

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